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Wear support hose.
No birth control pills or extra estrogen.
No excessive weight gain.
No standing in line.
No jobs that require standing.

Before Sclerotherapy Instructions

Bring shorts or a bathing suit to wear during the procedure.
Eat a light breakfast or lunch an hour or so prior to your appointment.
Do not put moisturizer on your legs the day of treatment.
Do not shave your legs for two days prior to your appointment.

After-Care Instructions

Bring long pants to wear home after the procedure.
Walk for 30 minutes immediately following the injections.
Keep the bandage on until the day after the procedure.

Long-Term Care Instructions

If you notice any type of adverse reaction or if you are concerned, call Dr Helton at 949-631-3376.
Avoid strenuous physical activity (aerobics and weight lifting) for the first 48 hours.
No hot baths for two weeks.
Make sure you move around when standing for a long time.
Maintain normal daytime activities and walk at least an hour a day—the more the better, within reason.

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