Physician's Advice: Skin is a Reflection

Your skin is a reflection of your inner health, so the first step is to act in a way that is consistent with health. Eating, exercising and avoiding excessive sunlight go a long ways too. We are past the point of doing what our parents instructed us to do for our own good and have progressed to the point of actually doing what is good for ourselves. Instead of asking yourself, "what sounds good for dinner?" Ask, "What would be something healthy that I could eat for dinner?' Modifying your perception that you will be healthy, that you are healthy, will encourage more responsible choices.Dr. Hogan's answer for this is to write down everything that goes into your mouth. No matter what. At the end of the day, look up how many calories are in what you have eaten. Body weight equals calories eaten minus calories used. It is really simple math, just like your bank account. We just do not realize how many high calorie decisions we make during the day. This will break you of that habit. Speak to someone who is much older, they will attest to the fact that 'if you don't use it, you will lose it.' That is why when you see a healthy elderly person, excercise is always part of their life style. Don't forget to excercise your skin as well with some light exfolation. Expose your skin to sunlight responsibly. That means don't ever put yourself in a situation that will make your skin turn red from ultraviolet light. In the same vein, extremely hot showers directly to the skin are dehydrating and promote skin congestion dur to the dilatation of the skin, physically forcing the pores closed. Avoid cigarette smoke. Avoid caffiene. Increase organic fruits and vegetables. Read about health. The knowledge will bring power to your responsible decisions that you make as a healthy person. Be a healthy person.

Written by: Peter Helton, D.O. | Visit Dr Helton's blog








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