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ClearLight© Acne Laser-like treatment is a non-invasive, revolutionary treatment for acne.

How does the ClearLight™ PhotoClearing™ System work?

P. Acnes bacteria produces endogenous porphyrins which absorbs blue-violet light. The treatment delivers high intensity blue-violet light to the porphyrins causing them to release peroxide. The natural chemical reaction destroys the bacteria with no effect on the surrounding tissue.

How does ClearLight™ PhotoClearing™ treatment compare to topical creams and antibiotics?

Conventional treatments have limitations and require at least 3 months of continuous treatment. Some drugs are reported to have side effects that range from mild to severe. The ClearLight™ acne treatment series is completed in 4 weeks with treatments lasting approximately 15mn each. Most importantly, ClearLight™ treatments have been shown to significantly decrease inflammatory acne lesions in a very high percentage of patients.

Is any preparation required prior to ClearLight™ treatments?

We recommend you cleanse the affected area with a mild acne cleanser prior to coming in for treatment. For makeup wearers, pleasemake sure you are makeup free during treatment, and use only oil-free makeup afterwards.

What should I do between treatments?

Avoid touching or picking the lesions. Use a non-irritating anti-acne cleanser such as salicylic acid daily, as recommended by your physician.

What is the recommended maintenance after completing the ClearLight™ treatments?

It is recommended to continue using a topical treatment, such as Retinoic Acid or Adapalene for comedones (blackheads & whiteheads), and antibacterial agents for inflamed blemishes (benzoyl peroxide and/or Erythromycin). Follow your physician recommendation for the best maintenance program for you.

Will I be blemish-free at the end of my ClearLight™ treatments?

Though the inflammation will be gone for the majority of patients at the end of the treatment series, you may experience some redness where the inflamed lesions were located. This redness will dissipated after a short period of time. It is important to remember that Clearlight™ treats mild to moderate acne only. It is not designed to clear cystic and/or nodular acne or comedones. You may experience little or no clearing of these lesions.

For complete information on Clearlight Acne Photoclearing, visit the Clearlight Center of California website (browser will open a new window).



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